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It's been a great first month for Payr, so we have chosen to increase our payment limits. That means that you now can pay up to 20 000 NOK per 30 days without any fee, up from the old limit of 10 000 NOK. (The reason for us having a fee in the first place is that we need to cover some of our card transaction fees. Our aim is to reduce or remove the fee as soon as we can.)

Following up on the news of our recent launch, this monday Finansavisen is dedicating a double-page on Payr! The article focuses on our launch, the upcoming seed round and our work on Payr version 2, where we use Artificial Intelligence to help you find better suited providers and save money on the big bills.

Payr has been featured in the latest Market Report from Cicero. And we are not only featured in one article - we are featured in two! A pretty big deal for us considering that the readers consist of "everyone" from the fintech/ banking sector!

Payr becomes the first "non-bank" to offer eFaktura payments!

There are more than 3 million eFaktura users, who in 2016 received over 90 million digital bills. Only Norwegian banks have so far been allowed to offer their customers to pay these electronic invoices. Now, Payr have been cleared to become the first non-bank to offer full integration of eFaktura! 

Payr has entered into collaboration with Nets regarding open innovation in financial services in the Nordics, as the only Norwegian startup.

Payr has been included in a Pilot from Nets regarding the new platform NAAS (Nets Account Access Service). NAAS is part of designing and building a new Nordic interface in compliance with the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). The platform will make it easy for banks and third-party vendors, like Payr, to connect and interact for the benefit of the consumers.

After a good deal of blood, sweat, tears and hard working fun, the Payr team are proud to announce that the Payr App is now live! As of today you can head on to the App Store (iOS) and download our app for simple, flexible and fast invoice payments.

We're back from Startup Extreme, and man, what an experience it has been, from one end to the other!

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